Different Ray – I’ll Be Waiting feat. Alex Donofrio


Different Ray – I’ll Be Waiting feat. Alex Donofrio

Release Date

October 13, 2023

Release Info

Based in Tunisia, Different Ray returns to Loot Recordings with his first proper EP after several contributions to the label’s “The Goods” compilation series. The release showcases Different Ray’s exceptional talent and features stunning remixes from Madraas, Mark Slee and Alex Donofrio.

The original serves as the centerpiece of the release with deep organic rhythms characterized by lush piano chords, melodic synth arrangements and a deep grooving bass line that radiates warmth. Alex Donofrio’s hypnotic and mesmerizing vocals are layered with Different Ray’s rich textures, creating a sonic tapestry that is both immersive and transcendent. The dub version offers a stripped back version thatincorporates main elements of the original peppered with sparse samples of Alex’s distinct vocals.

The “Madraas Dub” is an exquisite interpretation that is both beautiful and entrancing. Crisp percussion and twinkling melodies create an ethereal atmosphere, while the vocal is playfully manipulated with deep delays, pitch shifts and a touch of the surreal that results in a beautifully twisted dub mix.

Mark Slee turns up the energy and incorporates powerful analog synths, percussive elements, acid-infused melodies and the enchanting piano riffs from the original. Mark skillfully finesses the vocal, infusing it with reverberated effects and chopped up elements that give the track a distinct and irresistible sound, making it a dance floor weapon of choice.

The EP gracefully concludes with the “Alex Donofrio Late Night Version”, a gorgeous downtempo chill-out rendition by Alex Donofrio himself. It’s the perfect soundtrack for those serene sunsets or late-night moments to unwind and get lost in the sounds.