Lucefora – Ātman

Based in Buenos Aires, Lucefora encompasses different genres and influences, exploring a continuous journey through rich textures and emotional states. His love for deep indie music is prevalent in his productions that is comprised of organic elements of percussion, guitar rhythms and pianos. His music has been featured on highly-respected labels such as All Day […]

The Goods, Vol. 3

Our story continues with our annual compilation of familiar names and new label friends. “The Goods, Vol. 3” celebrates eleven divergent artists with unique styles that captures the spirit and sound of Loot Recordings. We invite you to dive in and immerse yourself in a beautiful array of deep organic rhythms and sophisticated melodies that […]

Ebrahimi – Bland Molnen

Ebrahimi makes his debut on Loot Recordings with “Bland Molnen”, when translated from Swedish means “Among The Clouds”. It’s a fitting title for the track as gentle rhythms of acoustic guitars, ethereal voices and floating pads create a deep and rhythmic atmosphere that carries us away. Melodic luminary Powel delivers a stunningly beautiful interpretation of […]

Daniel van der Zwaag – Arwin/Orland/Jupiter

Dutch wunderkind Daniel van der Zwaag returns to Loot Recordings for his first proper release that’s an inspiring three track single of diverse sounds. Kaleidoscopic synths, Latin-infused piano melodies, warm chords and crisp percussion create an eclectic affair of provocative rhythms and melodies. The cosmic aura of Arwin, the intense euphoria of Orland and the […]

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