The Goods, Vol. 6

Welcome to the 6th edition of our annual “The Goods” series. This year’s compilation features familiar label artists alongside inspiring new talent who capture the spirit and sound of Loot recordings. We invite you to surrender to the beat and immerse yourself in a sonic journey of deep rhythms and vibrant electric melodies. Together, we dance…

01. Arteforma – Sophora
02. Viktop – I’ll Be There With Open Arms
03. Kered – Echoes Of Tomorrow
04. Cristian Gonzalez (AR) – Road To The Valley
05. Franco Dalmati – Robust Tale
06. Leon Lobato – Little Dreamer
07. Chappano – The End Of Everything
08. Rich Towers – Forgotten Whispers
09. OHMZ – Throne
10. Nick Newman – Pressure
11. Anzhio – Artemisia
12. Antonyo010 – Stay Close