Franco Dalmati – Spring


Franco Dalmati – Spring

Release Date

March 8, 2024

Release Info

Straight from the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, Franco Dalmati marks his debut on Loot Recordings with two exceptional tracks that dive into the heart of deep, organic house. The release also includes two diverse remixes from Peter Makto and Landhouse.

In the title track “Spring”, Franco takes us on a mesmerizing journey filled with dreamy melodies crafted from bells, guitars and synths. The Peter Makto remix increases the energy, dominated by its relentless punchy rhythms and swells of euphoric soaring synths.

More Words” unfolds as an emotive venture into deep house, highlighted by twinkling pianos and lush, floaty melodies that lend it an ethereal, mysterious sound. The Landhouse remix is a gradual immersion into late night vibes, captivating with warm, moody synths layered over shimmering piano melodies. A real slow burner that builds energy with its intricate arrangement of high hats, effects and rolling synths.

Let’s close our eyes and open our hearts to the music. Hope springs eternal.