Loot Recordings 004: Karasho – Mirari EP


Loot Recordings 004: Karasho – Mirari EP

Release Date

July 20, 2015

Release Info

Loot Recordings proudly presents our fourth release from Italy’s talented Karasho with a remix from Montreal’s Flowers And Sea Creatures with Wrong Jeremy. Let’s get deep! 

Hailing from the Adriatic shores of Italy, Karasho delivers an EP that perfectly blends the sounds of euphoric deep house with a dark edge and melodic hooks that will have you humming them all day in your head. “Mirari” is a modern day symphony of tubed analog synths, growling bass lines and a mysterious Western cowboy movie feel that takes you by the hand and dances you down the dark rabbit hole. 

With successful releases on labels such as Compost and My Favorite Robot to name a few, Flowers And Sea Creatures with Wrong Jeremy deliver a hauntingly beautiful interpretation of the original. Adding their signature ethereal vocals, it gives new light to the track that engages the listener from the very beginning. Keeping the original feeling intact, the track builds to a wonderful frenzy of electronic bliss full of glitchy sound effects, thick throbbing bass lines and a heavenly vibe that’s perfect. 

Rounding out the package is “Dustycat” with an original version and Melodic Edit. The original is a spaced out trip that hooks you from the start with its warm overtones and wonderfully random arrangement of melodies that makes perfect sense. The Melodic Edit is a beatless, ambient version that’s perfect for the intro, closing or magic moments of your set.