Loot Recordings 010: Robin Fett – Street Groove EP


Loot Recordings 010: Robin Fett – Street Groove EP

Release Date

January 20, 2017


Release Info

Based in Amsterdam, Robin Fett┬áis quickly becoming a name on the European scene with his stellar productions that are designed for the dance floor. The title cut “Street Groove” demonstrates Fett’s ability to create an anthem rooted in old-school sounds that’s powered by a dominant piano riff and shuffling arrangement of snares, drums and toms. “First Floor” chugs along like a locomotive beast, with wobbling synth build ups and effects that are wrapped perfectly around a dominant bass line and pounding rhythms.

Martin Landsky delivers the goods with a powerful interpretation of “Street Groove” that features his signature tight production and unmistakable groove. He makes proper use of the piano riff throughout the track, but the real magic happens with a massive build up that will please dance floor revelers.

Berlin’s duo TRU. return to the label with their first official remix and wind things down with a deep and menacing version of “First Floor”. The track features a darker vibe that’s pitched down and incorporates brilliant moments of analog synths and stabs, all tied together by the hard punch of a big kick and masterful buildup to create the perfect amount of tension.