Lucefora – Ātman


Lucefora – Ātman

Release Date

September 24, 2021

Release Info

Based in Buenos Aires, Lucefora encompasses different genres and influences, exploring a continuous journey through rich textures and emotional states. His love for deep indie music is prevalent in his productions that is comprised of organic elements of percussion, guitar rhythms and pianos. His music has been featured on highly-respected labels such as All Day I Dream, Akbal and Kindisch to name a few, making his way to Loot Recordings for his new album.

Ātman is a Sanskrit word that means inner-self, spirit, or soul. The true self of an individual beyond identification with phenomena, the essence of an individual. A fitting title for a debut album, the twelve track collection defines Lucefora’s current sound that is layered with electrifying melodies, vibrant percussion, emotive strings and dreamy chords.

Driven by his musical intuition, the collection of tracks represents his dynamic diversity and powerful sense for what works on the dance floor. An atmospheric journey of inspiration and exciting sounds, we invite you to go within and experience the beautiful music of Lucefora.

01. Ātman
02. Magical Journey
03. Dreams
04. La Danza De Las Castañas
05. Hidden Sun
06. Chamanic
07. Estrella Del Cielo
08. Anemone
09. Japamala
10. Fior De Lis
11. Melodies Of The Heart
12. Time To Forget