Lucefora – La Danza De Las Castañas (Remixes)


Lucefora – La Danza De Las Castañas (Remixes)

Release Date

March 18, 2022

Release Info

Summer is in the air. Taken from his album “Ātman”, Lucefora’s “La Danza De Las Castañas” is a cosmic disco affair that’s shrouded in dynamic percussion and mysterious melodies with a Far East influence. Waves of glitchy arpeggios are accompanied by sparkling synth stabs and an infectious groove that all leads to a euphoric breakdown of strings and beautiful soundscapes. Expect big energy and love on the dance floor for this one!

The package features four remixes from boys be kko, Fluida and Ayala (IT). The boys be kko remix is an intense stripped back version that’s moody and explicitly powerful. Punchy drums and a gritty bass line are layered with surreal sounds that builds the tension up to a rolling boil.

Fluida delivers two variations, the first is a proper remix with an uplifting, energetic tone that’s wrapped in warm strings and synths. Their bonus dub version concentrates on melodic loops and the slick bass line, giving it a more minimal flair, yet equally as potent. Finally, the Ayala (IT) version is a full on fiesta with it’s percussive driven vibe and joyous playful feeling that’s just in time for summer.