Rodaq – Pollock Hill / Phormosa


Rodaq – Pollock Hill / Phormosa

Release Date

March 27, 2020


Release Info

Originating from Berlin and now based in Singapore, Rodaq produces the kind of loopy, mesmerizing deep sounds we love. Loaded with lustrous synths and trippy, undulating rhythms, he delivers two new originals along with powerful remixes by Schlepp Geist, Uone and Yapacc.

Pollock Hill” is a deep rolling track with sustained chords that gives you that lost in a moment feeling. A haunting, fluid synth line and excited percussion is the centerpiece, both working in unison to evolve, twist and build interest throughout the track. Australia’s Uone takes us further into wonderland and gives this a deeper, hazy vibe. His interpretation kicks things into overdrive with the addition of dreamy guitar harmonies, lush piano chords, gorgeous operatic vocals and booming horn stabs that cut through the track. Rounding out the remixes is fellow Berliner Yapacc who incorporates the original synths, but amplifies it with dramatic drums, muscular percussion and a punchy, melodic bass line.

Phormosa” is a dreamy, intricate affair of synth heavy bass lines, complex melodies and tension that builds in all the right places. Schlepp Geist delivers a heaving version that fires up the energy with blurring melodies, relentless analog stabs and celestial synths that modulate and climax throughout the track. His keen sense of what makes a dance floor go wild is evident here – a real weapon!