The Sound: V.2 Mixed by Kered


The Sound: V.2 Mixed by Kered

Release Date

December 15, 2017


Release Info

The annual tradition continues with the release of “The Sound: V.2”, the continuous mix that celebrates the music of Loot Recordings. At the controls is Loot Recordings label boss Kered who weaves together 70 minutes of select tracks and favorites from the label’s catalog. A fan of all styles of house and techno, Kered delivers an electrifying mix that is a story of deep rhythms, beautiful melodies and high peaks of raw, intense techno.

The mix starts off with the madness of Mike Kiraly’s “One Day In Crazies” that woos us into the swing and sway of the mix, sliding us perfectly into the grinding and gritty rhythms of “Trachyt” by TRU. From here, it’s all systems go and the mix commands our attention with the tense, melodramatic sounds of Moosefly’s remix of “Sober” by Charles Blossfeldt and another piece of magic with “Skalar” by TRU. The journey further develops with the groove heavy Martin Landsky remix of “Street Groove” by Robin Fett, the drums of Junior Gee’s remix of Alec Chizhik & Markus Mehta “Music” as well additional tracks by Charles Blossfeldt, Robin Fett and Kered. The mix gently brings us back down from the sonic energy, grounded by the lovely and uplifting sounds of Yoni Yarchi & Tal Tager’s “The Promise” and the Flowers And Sea Creatures remix of Karasho “Mirari”. For the final concluding moments, we’re softly awakened by the symphonic sounds of “Dustycat” by Karasho. Inhale, exhale…

Some call it a DJ mix, we like to think of it as a story. Buckle up, hang on tight and play this one loud. We hope you enjoy the second installment of our series label mix and discover a new sound from our catalog.

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