The Sound: V.4 Mixed by Yoni Yarchi


The Sound: V.4 Mixed by Yoni Yarchi

Release Date

December 20, 2019


Release Info

For the fourth installment of our annual mix compilation, we invite Tel Aviv’s Yoni Yarchi to select his favorites from our catalog and mix them together to share his vision of the Loot Recordings sound. The end result is the sound of love, the feeling of dreams – a beautiful DJ mix that blends together deeper sounds and eclectic grooves to create a mix full of emotion and storytelling.

Opening with Powel’s cinematic remix of Silence Path “In Perfect Harmony”, it sets the tone for a melodic, dreamy vibe that segues perfectly into Daniel van der Zwaag’s remix of Julian Prince “Orign”. Taking hold of our attention, Yoni increases the energy with his original track “The Subconscious”, into Mira and Christopher Schwarzwalder’s remix of “Trachyt” by TRU. and elevates things higher with the synth-heavy Lessovsky remix of Room 99’s “Genome”.

Yoni dives further into the catalog, featuring cuts by Charles Blossfeldt, JA:CK, and plenty of his original productions, including “Kepler”, “Don’t Think Loud” and his mesmerizing remix of Silence Path’s “Nebula”. The mix ultimately concludes with the playful melodies of Silence Path’s “Illusion”, sending us off with a feeling of euphoria and dance floor gratification. Whether it’s for sunset, sunrise or those peak hour moments, we invite you to play it loud and lose yourself in the musical adventure with Yoni Yarchi as your trusted guide.