The Sound: V.6 Mixed by Kered


The Sound: V.6 Mixed by Kered

Release Date

December 10, 2021

Release Info

Our annual tradition continues with “The Sound: V.6” that celebrates the music and artists of Loot Recordings. At the controls is Kered, who weaves together 60+ minutes of cherished cuts from the label catalog. From deep, electric melodies and ethereal soundscapes to big rhythms, the mix includes standout tracks from Viktop, Yoni Yarchi, Silence Path, Ayala (IT), Krissky and other label friends. 

We are emerging. We are dancing again. Let’s disappear in the music together!

01. Silence Path – Nebula
02. Yoni Yarchi – Don’t Think Loud
03. Drahte – Cosmo
04. Ayala (IT) – Primal (Rancido Remix)
05. Ale Russo – The Run
06. Viktop – Matters
07. NODO, Mule (Arg) – Ambar (Viktop Remix)
08. Krissky – Mind Over Matter
09. NODO, Mule (Arg) – Azahar (Lucefora Into The Woods Mix)
10. Silence Path – When You Have To Go
11. Karasho – Mirari (Flowers And Sea Creatures Remix)