Ale Russo – Mormont / Under The Moon

From Buenos Aires with love, Ale Russo makes his Loot Recordings debut with two gorgeous, heart throbbing tracks that exude sensual rhythms and emotive melodies.

“Mormont” is built around a delicate and impeccable arrangement of staccato, melodic hits that creates a dreamlike atmosphere and dances around an electronic influence of the tango. Tel Aviv’s Yoni Yarchi provides his signature sound of warmth and aesthetic touch, keeping the original melodies intact and creating the perfect sound for the morning sunrise and magical moments.

The next cut “Under The Moon” lends a mysterious vibe, combining organic, percussive elements and crisp drums layered with sweeping synths and a beautiful melody. Remixing is fellow Argentinian Maxi Degrassi who provides a stellar interpretation with big orchestral moments and intricate layers of strings, marimbas and warm chords arrangements to deliver an instant dance floor favorite.

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