Filtergeist – Invocation EP

The wonderfully strange and extraordinary sounds of Filtergeist makes its debut on Loot Recordings with three original cuts and remixes by INVŌKER, Roi Okev and Silence Path. Sink in, we’re all going on a trip with this EP…

The title track “Invocation” opens the release in mesmerizing style with drifting bells, washing soundscapes of distant voices and an assertive bass line that all works to create a feeling of mystery and melancholy. INVŌKER channels the hypnotic aesthetic of the original and delivers an electronic-fueled remix that packs a punch. Tough synth stabs and an electronic-infused interpretation provide a counterpoint to the soft melodies, surprising listeners with the powerful and beautiful vocals of Shrii.

Deja Vu” is a slow-burner that filled with hazy vibes, where repetition and layers of organic loops are the key. Swirling synths and effects are wrapped around a pulsating bass line, creating a trance-inducing atmosphere of emotive melodies and twisted rhythms. Roi Okev delivers a moody, heavier interpretation which brings the drums and bottom end to the forefront while teasing the right amount of spaced-out synths and melodies.

Wisterian Waves” closes the EP with undulating toms, lush pads and rolling bass line that gives this a timeless feel. Silence Path returns with a remix that balances the spacey motif of the original with a sonically playful, organic rendition that captures our hearts.

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