Julian Prince – Orign / Smoking In The Girls Room

The force behind the SXM Festival and an intrinsic part of Montreal’s thriving nightlife, Julian Prince makes his Loot Recordings debut with a massive two track release that includes a Daniel van der Zwaag remix.

The title cut Orign is an extreme, dark trek that’s potent and uniquely sublime. This twisted powerhouse chugs along to a thick, organic bassline that’s layered with emotive strings, synths and desert like vibes. It’s weird in all the right places and is something special that’ll make those far out moments on the dance floor even sensational. Daniel van der Zwaag delivers a dreamy, light-hearted interpretation of the original that perfectly reinvents the story, but pays homage to the spirit of the original with soaring pads, strings and a euphoric vibe.

Smoking In The Girls Room is a slow burner that’s driven by a deep, lush groove and intense bass line. Swelling synths and ethereal vocals add to the moody atmospherics, making this a thrilling, emotionally-charged slice of modern day dance music.

Download + Stream: http://lnk.to/LOOTREC021