Out Now: TRU. – Knick / Skalar

Based in Berlin, the hard working duo TRU. deliver their debut single with two tracks that is the result of hard work, patience and passion mixed with creativity. Knick is six essential minutes of underground house music embellished with writhing synths that spray about with real menace. The drums are warm and fulsome, the percussion is feathery light and the mood overall is tense and dramatic thanks to a brooding and sweeping Minimoog line.

Skalar is powerful, beautiful and unforgettable in every sense. An arrangement of thick, analog bass lines and synth leads are layered with melodic piano stabs that create a melody that’s hard to forget. The real magic is the breakdown of cascading riffs that oscillate and wobble in perfect harmony, leaving us all wondering what’s next.

Remixing is Rafael Cerato, a man with numerous top releases on labels like Systematic, Diynamic, Suara and many others. He works his magic by delivering an energetic powerhouse that incorporates the Minimoog lead, but turns it up a notch with a blistering arrangement of melodies in a rain storm of multiple octaves that create a modern day symphony with a touch of madness and pandemonium.

TRU. - Knick / Skalar