Out Now: Yoni Yarchi & Tal Tager – Tel Aviv Morning EP

The Israeli duo Yoni Yarchi & Tal Tager deliver a release of two tracks that take the Loot Recordings catalog to a deeper, blissful sound that’s dance music with true heart and emotion.

Tel Aviv Morning” is every minute a beautiful journey that’s filled with all the promise of a new dawn in spring. Spine tingling synth lines and melodic, bold piano chords are accompanied by a low swinging bass line and euphoric vocals. It’s the kind of track that will light up any terrace or heartfelt dance floor and have the crowd lost in the music.

On the flip, “The Promise” is everything that makes deep house wonderful – a throbbing bass line that drives the track, rippled with lush arpeggios, strings and warm chords. An ethereal vocal is sprinkled throughout the track that ties it all together and gives it a beautifully haunting tone that will create those magical moments on the dance floor.

Beatport: bit.ly/loot009bp
Traxsource: bit.ly/loot009ts
Spotify: bit.ly/loot009

Yoni Yarchi & Tal Tager - Tel Aviv Morning EP