The Sound: V.5 Mixed by Kered

The annual tradition continues with our mix series “The Sound: V.5”, the continuous mix that celebrates the music of Loot Recordings. Selected and mixed by Kered, he intricately weaves together deep and dreamy melodies with intense rhythms that are full of emotion and energy. Featuring tracks by Yoni Yarchi, Silence Path, Rodaq, Daniel van der Zwaag and other label friends, the mix is an electrifying story that captures our imagination and takes us away.

We are not alone. Together in times of darkness and turbulence, music brings us together. While the dance floors may be empty at this moment, the beat carries on within our hearts. We will dance again.

  1. Alex van Ratingen – Float
  2. Yoni Yarchi & Kered – Except For Maybe
  3. Daniel van der Zwaag – Phonon
  4. Ale Russo – Mormont
  5. Ayala (IT) – Primal
  6. Filtergeist – Love Is All We Need
  7. Silence Path – Nebula (Quatri Remix)
  8. Yoni Yarchi – The Subconscious (Death On The Balcony Remix)
  9. Mohato – Back 2 Back 2 Back
  10. Rodaq – Toledo
  11. Drahte – Virgo (Rafael Cerato Remix)
  12. Silence Path – Illusion (Powel Remix)

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