The Goods, Vol. 2

The story continues with our second compilation of new names and familiar faces. “The Goods, Vol. 2” features eleven artists with divergent styles that emphasizes the creative spirit and euphoric sounds of Loot Recordings. Sink in and surrender to a beautiful array of deep organic rhythms and dream-weaving melodies that captivates our hearts and imaginations. Together, we dance again…

  1. Alex van Ratigen – 3h du Mat (feat EKSF)
  2. Silence Path – When You Have To Go
  3. Krissky – Mind Over Matter
  4. Viktop – Matters
  5. Ayala – Te Espero
  6. Ale Russo – The Run
  7. Drahte – Meshes Of The Morning
  8. Sonantis – Welcome To Juanpur
  9. Bouzidi – Earth Karma
  10. Never More – Yes To Love
  11. Amir Telem – Stick Of Mercy

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