Ale Russo – Mormont / Under The Moon

From Buenos Aires with love, Ale Russo makes his Loot Recordings debut with two gorgeous, heart throbbing tracks that exude sensual rhythms and emotive melodies. “Mormont” is built around a delicate and impeccable arrangement of staccato, melodic hits that creates a dreamlike atmosphere and dances around an electronic influence of the tango. Tel Aviv’s Yoni […]

JA:CK – Pervinca / Never Ending

From Tuscany with love, JA:CK makes his Loot Recordings debut with two tracks that bend genres and push the boundaries of modern dance music. The first cut “Pervinca” is a menacing slow builder, layered with dramatic rising synths that fuels tension and creates anticipation – a total euphoric floor killer! The choppy staccato rhythm of […]

Julian Prince – Orign / Smoking In The Girls Room

The force behind the SXM Festival and an intrinsic part of Montreal’s thriving nightlife, Julian Prince makes his Loot Recordings debut with a massive two track release that includes a Daniel van der Zwaag remix. The title cut Orign is an extreme, dark trek that’s potent and uniquely sublime. This twisted powerhouse chugs along to […]

Silence Path – The Subconscious EP

The new and enigmatic Silence Path debuts on Loot Recordings and captures a harmonious universe of experimental sounds that are overflowing with emotion and spiritual feelings from start to finish. The release features three originals plus remixes from Powel, Quatri and Yoni Yarchi. The title track “In Perfect Harmony” is a subtle and hypnotic affair […]

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